TOWIE ‘star’ plans stag do to portugal

It seems the time honoured tradition of needing a wedding to justify a stag do isn’t putting off some of our reality TV celebrities. TOWIE’s Mark Wright seems to be forging ahead with plans for a stag do in Portugal in July despite the fact that he’s not set a date for the weddding. The Sun’s article on the subject is enhanced by the comments below which accurately reflect our view.

There’s no doubt that a good stag do is a one of the best times you’ll have with your mates but even we’d agree that having one without a wedding is stretching it!

Brace yourself for pictures of the young ‘star’ in compromising poses with anyone but his fiancee. Nice.

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Russell Brand has sensible stag do – shocker!

It’s not often that the eccentric star of screen and radio disappoints when it comes to gossip but it seems that his stag do wasn’t full of the usual controversy the lad’s become known for. He delivered in terms of quality guests, David Baddiel, Wossy and Noel Gallagher were all among the 22 who made the trip to watch a football match (no paintballing or karting for these celebs). Fortunately for the Hammers fan, they beat Spurs so Russell would no doubt have been on good form for the evening.

After a hard afternoon of ‘blowing bubbles‘, they headed for a slap up meal at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant York and Albany. I’m sure that behind the doors of their private room things good suitably rowdy but thankfully what goes on a stag stays on a stagĀ this time.