Newquay bans stag t-shirts and sex toys

One of the UK’s top Stag do destinations, Newquay has banned crude¬†stag do shirts and inflatable sex toys. According to The Metro, The local council are fed up with the way stag parties behave in their town (I suspect they’re reasonably happy with the cash it brings into the local economy though!).

They have said that the police will now confiscate any “crude clothing, sex toys and rude inflatable objects“. I wonder how that’ll work: “Excuse me Sir but that t-shirt you’re wear is rather crude, please take it off…errr well, now you’re half-naked I guess I better arrest you for being half-naked…“.

It can’t be nice having a bunch of rowdy stag dos enjoying themselves in your town but perhaps this isn’t the most well thought through idea in the world.

It’ll be interesting to see how the ban pans out in reality. If you’re heading on a stag do to Newquay, let us know how you got on with the locals on Facebook or Twitter.

Russell Brand has sensible stag do – shocker!

It’s not often that the eccentric star of screen and radio disappoints when it comes to gossip but it seems that his stag do wasn’t full of the usual controversy the lad’s become known for. He delivered in terms of quality guests, David Baddiel, Wossy and Noel Gallagher were all among the 22 who made the trip to watch a football match (no paintballing or karting for these celebs). Fortunately for the Hammers fan, they beat Spurs so Russell would no doubt have been on good form for the evening.

After a hard afternoon of ‘blowing bubbles‘, they headed for a slap up meal at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant York and Albany. I’m sure that behind the doors of their private room things good suitably rowdy but thankfully what goes on a stag stays on a stag¬†this time.