Classic stag ideas

Like England under-performing at the World Cup, there are a few things that remain the same. These stag ideas are the solid staples. The Paul Scholes of stag ideas.


Classic muddy fun. If you don't like running about in the woods splatting your stag mates with gob-stopper sized paint pellets, well frankly there's no hope. It's relatively cheap, there are loads of places to do it around the country and it's not particularly difficult - winner!

Go karting

Ah yes the smell of petrol and burning rubber! Nothing quite like it to get the juices flowing (well actually there are lots of things but that's not the point). Go karting is a great stag idea because it's competitive. It's all about bragging rights - we all know we can drive but can we drive FAST?! It's also great to bond with the other guys while you're fighting it out wheel-to-wheel or watching the other races.

Sporting event stag do

Whether it's a day at the races or a trip to watch a footy match, going to a sports event is an absolutely classic stag idea. Clearly some sporting events are better ideas than others; get yourself along to Lakeside to watch a 'Bit of Bully' (have you ever seen a sober crowd at darts?) rather than the Crucible for the snooker. Some other sporting events stag ideas: Horse racing (Grand national, Ascot etc), dog racing (cheap, easy, great fun), rugby, football, darts.

Want some other stag ideas?

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