Cheap stag do ideas

Cheap stag do ideas

Ways to get more bang for your buck with budget busting stag do ideas.

Poker stag night

Get the lads round and lay on an evening of heavy drinking and high stakes. Use something other than money for the currency and you'll all have a great time without spending a fortune. Make sure you've plenty of grog though (split the bill from the supermarket or ask everyone to bring a bottle) as being that cheap isn't likely to be much fun.

The 'Pub crawl by train' stag night

There must be loads of these around the country but do some research and get 8-10 stops between 2 places with decent services. Call the pubs in advance to check they're still trading (not going to go well if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere without a pub).

Leeds to Manchester and the London underground are good "starters for 10". You can see details about the trans pennine pub crawl here. The 'monopoly board' pub crawl is a well known variant that should give you plenty to work with if you're thinking of organising a stag do in London.

Private screening of a film

Gather the lads at your own private cinema for a favourite film fest - not sure if most places will play Busty Brenda does Dallas but if you're thinking Top-Gun it could be a good way to kick off the evening (especially if you're all in fancy dress).

Get a camping barn and some fresh air

If you don't fancy the bright lights why not head into the hills, grab a camping barn and get some quality chat and beer in the local pub. It's a low stress, low cost stag do option. You can kid yourself you're doing something to earn your beer (like hike up a hill before an afternoon on the sauce!). There are great camping barns in most parts of the country esp. The Lakes and Yorkshire Dales.

Other Stag Do ideas

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