Dangerous stag do ideas

Dangerous stag do ideas

If your stag is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and wants to do something that'll sh1t up his mates then these dangerous stag party ideas might be just what you're looking for.

The 'Cresta Run' stag do

This is nuts. It is highly unlikely that your stag will return unharmed from taking on one of the World's most dangerous pursuits. Forget the modern bobsled, this is tobogganing, this is pure Victorian pleasure. You get a very heavy sled, some boots with spikes on the front and a track covered in ice. Don't think the banking will keep you on-track, it's shallow and most injuries (and that's a lot) are caused by riders flying out of the track at the infamous 'shuttlecock'. In 2010 the Cresta Run celebrated 125 years, watch this superb video to get your juices flowing!

Running of the bulls

The Spanish don't seem to like bulls. When they're not spearing them in a bull fight, they're unleashing them down the streets of a mediaeval town. Originally, the run was to take the bulls to a bull ring before the bull fight but now the run is part of a bigger festival. If you're not injured by one of your fellow runners, the bulls have pointy things on their heads. At the time of writing, 15 people have died and more than 200 are injured every year. The whole experience will be the most adrenaline fueled 4 minutes of your life.

Cheese rolling

One of England's most eccentric traditions, rolling a big cheese down an incredibly steep hill in Gloucestershire is definitely a dangerous way to spend a stag do. In recent years there's been some controversy due to the sheer numbers of people attending. However, despite the fact that it's been 'cancelled' people have still turned up. Check out the official website for up to date details.

Sky diving

Strap your mate to a complete stranger and launch him out of the back of a plane. Winner! If the bloke he'e been strapped to looks like he's had a late night or is pumped like a teenager on speed, you can be sure your stag will be cacking himself all the way up before he's launched out of the doors to head towards planet earth at over 120mph. Scared stag? You betcha!

If you want something less weather dependent (and no less fun) check out indoor parachuting in the stag directory.

Red Bull Flugtag

What could be a better bonding experience than throwing yourself off a 6m high platform into a lake wearing fancy dress, watched by up to 300,000 people? Well, the Redbull Flugtag gives you that opportunity. They take place all over the world and you have to apply for one of the 34 coveted places. It'll certainly be a bit of a different stag do plus you could snag yourselves 5 grand. Google it to get more info.

Too expensive? Try some cheap stag do ideas. If you're looking for something a bit more P.I.M.P. check out our luxury stag do ideas. If it's a bit too dangerous you might prefer a classic stag idea.

Got a dangerous stag idea?

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