Classic stag do ideas

Stag do ideas

I'm sure you've heard of the classic stag destinations (like Amsterdam, Brighton, Prague etc) and activities but if you want something a little different how about trying one of these. Looking to save money? Check out our cheap stag do ideas. Want a bit of luxury? Try our luxury stag night ideas? Or, Give the stag an adrenaline rush with some extreme stag do ideas.


Go skydiving without using a plane by hovering like a Malteaser above a huge and a great laugh. > See facility operators in the stag do directory.


Fancy being surrounded by loads of blokes getting hammered with girls in lacey bodices serving you fresh 'steins' of ale? You do well why not visit this German institution. See details in the stag do directory


A couple of days in quaffing a few 'cold ones' in guaranteed sunshine watching world class sport. There are also more night clubs and bars in Dubai that you might think! > Find details in the stag do directory


Believe it or not, there are several breweries in the UK that actively encourage you to get lashed on the premises...don't be accused of not being able to organise one again. > See a cool brewery in the stag do directory


Get a car for under a couple of hundred quid. Give it a paint job and drive half-way across Europe. Themes work well so get your thinking cap on...why not go as the Red Arrows, A Team, Dukes of Hazard etc.

Other Stag Do ideas?

If you're looking for something other than these ideas why not check out these other sections of the site:If you have any interesting stag do ideas please let us know on Twitter or Facebook. We'd really like to hear an unusual ideas or ideas that keep costs down for those stag groups looking for cheap stag weekend ideas.