Best man tips and advice for a great stag do

Best man tips and advice for a great stag

Being asked to be a best man is a double edged sword. Of course you're honoured but when the hassle of organising the stag do sets in, it can be a different story. To organise a successful stag night, weekend or whatever you've got in mind remember a few simple things and everything will be buying you a drink to celebrate the best stag of their life.

1. Book flights & accommodation by credit card

We've seen stag do organisers go bust and at least if you pay by credit card you should be able to get some of the cash back. Alternatively you could organise it yourself, book direct and you're less likely to lose any money.

2. Keep everyone safe

There's wild and there's WILD. Of course you're there to have fun but returning with the same number of people you left with is a pretty basic requirement.

3. Don't allow for 'down time' in a weekend

If you don't plan activities to keep the lads busy for the whole weekend, you'll end up with people dozing off or nipping to the shops and before you know it, the group will have disintegrated.

4. Don't let them fall in love!

I didn't think it would happen but this poor sod's gone and fallen in love on a stag night - what a plonker! Its not supposed to be serious. She's going to love it when you turn up, flowers in, she really will, honest!

5. Keep tabs on the cash

Seems obvious doesn't it but you'll be amazed how easily you can be out of pocket. Make sure you keep a list of who's paid what before you go and don't be shy asking for non-payers to cough up. When you go on the stag get someone to look after the kitty you don't want to be lumbered with it all the time.

6. Make sure everyone knows the hotel address

Again, sounds obvious now but when the testosterone kicks in and everyone's fired up for a good night, the little details (!) get missed. If you're thinking there might be a danger of some serious sambucca/tequilla action then writing it down (on your arm!) isn't as stupid as it sounds. At least you won't have to go to the British embassy to get home.