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We're an independent resource for you to find the best stag do ideas and inspiration. We're not here to sell overpriced activities from sub-standard providers. It's our mission to give you everything you need to organise a great stag do - whatever you fancy doing.

Activity ideas

Motorsport ideas
Of course sitting around chatting about the fun you've had is cool but doing something together is so much better. Get inspired with the best ideas.

Buy fancy dress & Accessories

Stag do fancy dress and activities
Get all the fancy dress you and stag do accessories you could need. All at great prices and including quality fulfilment from

Fancy dress themes

Stag do theme ideas
Dressing up is such a good way to bond. It's a great ice-breaker and gets everyone in the right mood. Choose a great theme and it'll make the stag epic!

Cheap hotels & accommodation

Cheap hotels and stag accommodation
Get your stag group the best deal on hotels in all the top stag destinations, abroad and in the UK. Price match guarantee will keep your mates happy.

Extreme activities

Adrenaline fuelled stag activity ideas
If your stag likes an adrenaline buzz, sign up for a dangerous stag do and make sure the lads are wearing their brown pants.

Cheap activities

Cheap stag dos
Times are hard and going to 5 weddings a year can be a real strain. So be a thoughtful best man and organise a cost saving stag do.

Classic activities

Classic stag do activities
Some stag do activities get done over and over again...they're superb for group bonding and help everyone have a good laugh. Check out our list of classic stag do ideas.

Luxury ideas

Luxury stag dos
Leaving bachelor life is a massive event and should be marked with style. If you want to splash some cash, these exclusive, luxury and down right P.I.M.P. ideas are just the job.

Best man tips & advice

Best man tips and advice
As the honour of being asked to be a best man fades, the reality of the task in hand quickly sets in. Pick up some tips to make sure you organise a great stag weekend.

Stag weekend destinations

Stag weekend destinations
Need to know where to go for a stag do? Look no further than our list of all the best UK, European and Worldwide stag weekend destinations.

Stag do shirts

Custom shirts
Want to get the group to bond? Pimp out the lads with a custom t-shirt and you'll immediately feel like the party is off to a great start.

Stag do directory

Best man tips and advice
Want to find independent activity suppliers or event ideas? Check out our stag directory and hook up directly with the best providers around.

Prank videos

Prank videos
Nothing like a video of some poor sod getting well and truly turned over by his mates to inspire greatness in a best man. Check these vids and be great young man...