Stag weekend prank videos

Stag Do Prank videos

Since as long as anyone can remember blokes have been try to stitch up the groom on stag dos. It goes without saying but please don't do any serious harm or at least nothing that's going to do lasting damage!

The ultimate stag do prank

This has to be the best stag prank ever. The effort from the lads was superb. Heroes to a man! Watch and learn stag groups, watch and learn!

Move him while he's hammered

There are loads of variations on this idea but few are quite as effective as this one (how long does he stay asleep?!)

Scrub up stag

Give your mate a good clean up - surely the bride-to-be will be grateful if you "don't bring him back in a mess".

Cling film

Really dodgy quality video but a good stag night prank all the same.

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