Stag Do Fancy Dress Ideas

Dressing up is all part of a good stag do.

Classic stag do costumes

Many many happy stag dos have enjoyed themselves with the stag dressed up as a French maid, a baby, Borat.

Superhero stag

Bananaman seems to be making a come back on the stag party scene. I’m not sure if it’s the skin-tight suit or the cramp-preventing properties of a good banana but stag parties seem to be loving the work of Eric from 29 Acacia Avenue.

Dangermouse is another 80’s hero who along with Penfold can make your stag stand out.┬áBatman and Robin and Captain America have also been spotted on stag weekends around Europe.

The “I’m a lady” stag

Little Britain has provided so many quality characters to get stuck into try Andy, Vicky Pollard, Daffyd The Only Gay in the Village and of course Lady Emily Howard.


The lovable blue Belgians. Pretty easy to make this outfit; you’ll need some Blue body paint, white or red tights and a white hat which you can make from a pillow case. Make sure your paint isn’t going to rub off on everything you touch!

If you’re looking to theme you stag event, make sure you check out our stag do themes page.