Events that are good for a stag weekend

Events for a stag

Musical stag do

Glasto stag

Glastonbury is the Daddy of music festivals and if slipping around in mud, listening to the best bands on the planet for a few days is your idea of a good laugh then this is definitely going to be on your shortlist. Takes place in June so perfect stag do season. Check out the line up and the specific dates at the official website.

Sporting stag do


A day spent in the summer sun drinking gallons of ale with your best mates watching one day or test cricket is a particularly pleasant stag do. In fact given the length of a cricket match if you start drinking when the match starts you can be assured that you'll be chanting "feed the snake" with the best of them before it's all over. Great for stag do fancy dress and you're highly likely to make it onto Sky Sports if you're even a little bit creative.


Silly blazers and straw hats it may be but it's got to be one of the biggest sessions around. Dress up like Just William and stand around on the banks of the Thames getting sloshed on good quality grog. Now that is certainly a way to say goodbye to being a bachelor.